Technology advances more every day. If you take a look around you, you can easily see that many things are now digitized and can be done with a snap of the fingers. And for your home, you can now control your home wirelessly using some of the best home innovation devices. These home innovation devices control your home with built-in security systems and will make your work simpler than ever.


A ring is the one that replaces your default ringtone. You can talk to visitors without opening the door. It has smart motion detection, HD video, and cloud recording. The ring gives you a good level of security when someone arrives (and you could be outside) by notifying you and letting you talk to them.

You can see the person you are talking to, but they cannot see you. You can pretend you are in the house even when you are outside. Your mobile receives alerts about any activity using the integrated motion sensors.

August smart lock

August is the smart lock for your home. You don’t need any key to lock or unlock your house. August smart lock connects to your mobile via Wi-Fi and detects you when you are nearby and unlocks itself.

The most interesting part of this smart lock is that it can provide access to select people, and only they can enter your house by restricting others.

This is really a good step from a security point of view. This is done by issuing the smart key, and it can be assigned for different hours, such as 24 X 7, for a week, or even for a few hours.

Even if the power or Wi-Fi goes out, it updates using batteries. If the battery life is getting low, it sends you reminders. Right from your phone, you can see who came in and out of your house and what they had done at that particular time. It updates it every time to keep you and your home safe.


Piper is the new form of video surveillance, home security and home automation. This allows you to keep an eye on your home when you are not on your mobile phone. It has 180 Live HD Camera that allows you to see what is happening in your house whenever you want from your mobile. You can even control lights and other appliances with this.

wally house

Casa Wally is a revolutionary home detection system. It allows you to track water leaks, humidity, humidity, and temperature. Place Wally Home devices around your house and it will notify you when something happens like a change in temperature or humidity or water leaks inside your house.

We love and invest a lot in our home and Wally Home allows us to keep it safe and clean. You can connect Wally Home to your Wi-Fi and it sends notifications to your mobile or tablet through an app.

Nest: the learning thermostat

A nest thermostat is completely different from your normal thermostat. With the normal thermostat, you have to manually change the temperature each time, and it’s quite irritating. If you forget to change it, your heating and air conditioning bills will be high.

You can solve these problems with the self-learning thermostat: Nest. This allows you to change the value by moving the ring and start learning. Look at the values ​​you have set for a week, and start setting yourself up by preparing the schedule.

You can even operate it from your mobile using the app over Wi-Fi. You can adjust the temperature in your home even when you are away.

It helps you reduce your heating and cooling bills by twenty percent. It goes into an energy-efficient mode when you’re not home and adjusts automatically. This is one of the best innovations for the home.


These are some of the best home innovations that keep your home safe by making them smart. You can operate the appliances in your home directly from your mobile phone or tablet with just one app. These innovations are really useful when you are away from home.


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