BITCOIN Wins The Shares, BITCOIN Performance in 202

The volatile price of Bitcoin has always been the stick with which cryptocurrency skeptics use to beat foreigners into submission, telling them that the high unpredictability of bitcoin makes them a poor asset class.

They discourage people that other traditional assets are the best up-and-coming assets in the world, not altcoin or bitcoin or even shit coins.

Criticism, while legitimate, is false in the long run. There is more profit to be made from bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a class of assets than in traditional assets such as stocks and bonds.

It is safe to say, given the statistics we have, that the bitcoin stock has surpassed the best asset category, whether it is a European stock or gold or the country’s bonds, for a long time.

In 2020, for example, bitcoin was a better asset class than old gold. The effects of the pandemic were fuelling the rise in the price of bitcoin and many other alternative currencies.

In 2022, the best performing asset remains bitcoin and altcoin. Now, this may sound like someone hitting their horn. Away from that.

The space of cryptocurrencies is growing at an astronomical rate and developers are finding new ways to provide solutions to problems using blockchain technology. These solutions led these projects to introduce tokens and other altcoins.

These tokens and altcoins have boosted the financial space as more people enter the cryptocurrency space. offers all the exclusive convenience and solutions to the merchants.

From DeFi to NFT, the plethora of innovations in the world of cryptocurrencies have made bitcoin and other altcoins and tokens the best stocks / assets to invest in 2022.

Bitcoin Holders Updated by 49% Annually

The best performing stocks in the world turn pale compared to bitcoin. And it is a statement of fact.
Let’s look at the best performing stocks to see how they hold up bitcoin stocks.

European stocks strengthened by 10.3% on an annual basis. While other stocks were impressive, stocks with the best returns, some with a rate of up to 217.9% (MRNA) from year to date, these numbers are not as good compared to what altcoins do.

The essence of this discussion, we must not forget, is the examination of large stocks and financial assets and their comparison with bitcoin.

In the first week of October, the growth rate of companies with a small ceiling in the United States was 17%, only 3% higher than what bitcoin did in October alone.

For those who do not know what a company or micro-capitalization share is, I will explain.
Micro capitalization shares are shares of public companies with a market capitalization of between $ 50 million and $ 300 million.

Thus, when these shares of these companies were analyzed, they returned only 17%. thus making bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a good asset class for investment.

Why Are Analysts Careful for Bitcoins and Altcoins?

Opponents of cryptocurrencies are quick to point out the volatility of bitcoin and other altcoin stock prices. They compare the price of bitcoin during a downtrend with the best rising stocks and scream condemning bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Some traditional financial analysts have called bitcoin a speculative value store that offers no form of protection against high price fluctuations, advising investors to bet their money on safer stocks.

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While their pessimism, if one is allowed to characterize their “doomsday day” rhetoric about bitcoin as such, is not without reason.

For example, the price of bitcoin fell sharply in SEPTEMBER, from a high of $ 55,000 to $ 45,000. However, the price went up and now, in October, the price is on the rise, reaching $ 65,000.

Some cryptocurrency analysts predict that the price of bitcoin may rise to $ 100,000 before the end of the year. These numbers testify to the fact that bitcoin is still the best performing asset in 2022.

What Are the Solutions to These Skepticisms?

The perfect solution for high price fluctuations in the field of cryptocurrencies does not exist at the moment. Some investors and traders have called for cryptocurrency regulators, many of whom believe that with cryptocurrency regulators, the cryptocurrency market will gain some form of stability, trust and security.

They say that when there are regulators, new investors will be more interested in investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as exchanges on platforms .

Their solutions, although they look good on paper, are not as easy as they sound. Yes, the possibility of government regulators getting involved in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin to attract more investors in the area is possible. But how far do regulators have to go?

Many are still unsure how blockchain technology works. The depth of possibilities and innovations that are possible with blockchain technology is unknown. With regulators, who, looking at recent history, can be quite rigid in adopting innovative ideas, the growth of the cryptocurrency space can be stifled.

Regulators, if accepted in the field of cryptocurrencies by investors, traders and general users of cryptocurrencies, should be open to innovations and new ideas. Repetition is a safe and secure place for traders.
Another possible solution is transparency about the breadth and diversity of blockchain technology.
Regulators and “outsiders” need to understand that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are more than just bitcoin and some altcoins.

Altcoins Continue to Be Surprised

The altcoin market is as bullish as they come. While some of the best performing stocks grew less than 500%, altcoins such as dogecoin have seen a huge 8000% increase since April.

Other altcoins that have broken the glass ceilings of asset growth are the Solana and the FTT.
If an investor puts $ 1,000 into Solana in early 2022, the value of the investor will be $ 97,542,2109 in October.

The growth is huge! This went better than traditional stocks with the best returns. The horrible profits of altcoin make investing in cryptocurrencies such a huge profit for anyone. Cryptocurrency outperforms other assets.
Coins like bitcoin cash have also made wild numbers this year. Yes, the cryptocurrency space is still volatile. Yes, skepticism is still high. But we can not ignore the growing adoption of bitcoin, altcoin, and other distinctive cryptocurrencies in the world.

We can not underestimate the solutions being developed for Ethereum blockchain and other blockchain technologies. We can not! Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. And they will stay.

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