ERP Vs CRM: What does my business need?

Businesses looking to automate key business processes are considering two key software solutions Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system Customer relationship management (CRM) ERP software supports an organization’s core business processes, such as accounting, budgeting, inventory management, supply chain management, order processing, human resource management, and payroll. CRM helps manage the way customers interact with the […]

How you can combat digital Diogenes syndrome?

Do you accumulate hundreds or thousands of photos on your mobile, even the ones that look blurry? Do you keep all the WhatsApp conversations or emails as if they were a treasure? Do you feel bad about deleting memes and jokes? You may be suffering from Digital Diogenes Syndrome, the obsessive accumulation of files. We […]

Is the facial recognition system safe?

By now, we have all witnessed at least one privacy issue stemming from the use of certain tools that, to a greater or lesser extent, apply some form of artificial intelligence and automated pattern recognition. There are dozens of cases of security breaches and other types of problems in the new virtual assistants, which has […]

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